1.   работа

2.   изделие

3.   обработка

4.   возводимый объект (строительства) (по подрядному договору); конструкция, сооружение

5.   работа, мощность

6.   pl сооружение, сооружения

7.   pl завод, фабрика, мастерские

work above ground — наземные работы (в отличие от подземных и подводных); работы, производимые на поверхности земли

work at the surface — работы на поверхности земли

work below ground (level) — подземные работы

work carried out on site — работы, выполненные на стройплощадке

work done in sections — работа, выполненная отдельными секциями [частями]

work in open excavations — работы в открытых выемках [горных выработках]

work in progress — (строительные) работы в стадии выполнения, выполняемые [производимые] (строительные) работы; объект в стадии строительства

work in water — работы, производимые в воде [под водой]

work near water — работы, производимые близ водоёмов или рек

work on schedule — работы в процессе выполнения (по графику); работы, предусмотренные планом [графиком]

- work of deformation
- work of external forces
- work of internal forces
- above-ground works
- additional work
- agricultural works
- alteration work
- ashlar work
- auxiliary work
- avalanche baffle works
- axed work
- backfill work
- backing masonry work
- bag work
- bench work
- block work
- brewery works
- brick work
- broken-color work
- brush work
- building work
- building site works
- carcass work
- carpenter's work
- cement works
- chemical production works
- civil engineering work
- coast protection works
- cob work
- completed work
- complicated building work
- concrete work
- concrete block masonry work
- concrete masonry work
- constructional work
- construction work
- continuous shift work
- contract work
- coursed work
- crib work
- day work
- dead work
- defective work
- defence works
- deformation work
- demolition work
- development work
- diver's works
- diversion works
- donkey work
- drainage works
- earth work
- earth-moving work
- elastic work of a material
- electric work
- electricity production works
- emergency work
- enclosed construction works
- engineering works
- erection work
- erosion protection works
- excavation works
- experimental work
- external work
- extra work
- facing work
- factory work
- fascine work
- finishing work
- finish work
- floating construction works
- flood-control works
- flood-protection works
- floor work
- floor-and-wall tiling work
- floor covering work
- food industry production work
- foundation work
- funerary works
- further day's work
- gas works
- gauged work
- glazed work
- glazier's work
- half-plain work
- hammered work
- hand work
- handy work
- heat insulation work
- heavy work
- highly mechanized work
- hot work
- in-fill masonry work
- innovative construction work
- insulating work
- intake works
- internal work in the system
- ironmongery work
- joinery work
- land retention works
- landslide protection works
- loading works
- manual work
- marine works
- metallurgical processing works
- night work
- nonconforming work
- office work
- off-the-site work
- one-coat work
- open-air intake works
- open construction works
- ornamental works
- ornate work
- outlet works
- overhang work
- overhead work
- permanent works up to ground level
- petroleum extraction works
- piece work
- pitched work
- plaster work
- plumbing work
- power production works
- precast works
- production works
- promotion work
- protection works
- protective works
- public works
- random ashlar work
- refurbishment work
- refuse disposal works
- refuse incineration works
- regulation works
- reinforced concrete work
- research work
- reticulated work
- road transport works
- roof tiling work
- rubble ashlar masonry work
- sanitary works
- sea defence works
- sediment exclusion works
- sewage disposal works
- single construction works
- smillage-axed work
- solid plaster work
- steel construction works
- steel works
- steel plate work
- structural restoration work
- surface transport works
- temporary works
- textile work
- three-coat work
- tiling work
- training works
- transport works
- treatment works
- two-coat work
- underground work
- underwater work
- unloading works
- vermiculated work
- virtual work
- waste disposal works
- water works
- water treatment works

Англо-русский строительный словарь. — М.: Русский Язык. . 1995.

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